While we are getting ready for a fun evening tonight, here are some of the reasons for our excitiement about Aperitweat.

Putting Eat in your Tweet or should I say twEAT:

I don’t know about you but we’re always hungry at tweet-ups, meet-ups etc. Incorporating the Aperitivo concept, you’ll see (taste) there is a strong emphasis on quality Italian food!

Meet the people behind those tweet handles:

People put really fancy pictures of them on twitter or some put surreal pics, like the bird on our handle, surely a bird is not behind aperitweat handle phew… get to know the real people behind the tweet handles 🙂

Get to meet new tweeps:

Aperitweat is an opportunity to expand your friends circle with tweeps who you haven’t yet met online. Twitter is a very powerful tool enabling us to meet tweeps online. Why not meet offline to boost the experience. You don’t have to worry about small talk because the ice is aleady broken! Aperitweat is a better way to discover new tweeps than #followfriday 🙂

Fun fun and fun:

Oh yeah! It is assured at Aperitweat!

Enjoy your dinner:

In a fun and relaxed environment (alright relaxed is just my imagination). We are going to start the festivities at 7pm and we are going to be around till midnight; so those who are travelling from other end of Mumbai can come bit late (keeping the tradition of Mumbai alive).

Working Late?

Those who are working late on Friday, you really need a life and what better way to start one than meeting cool Mumbai twitteratti at Aperitweat.


By the way before you start your journey to Chembur for Aperitweat please note down the complete address and location map (it has an emergency contact number as well).

Coming for the first time?

Checkout some moments from the last Aperitweat.

Yet to RSVP?

Please confirm your attendance here: http://twtvite.com/3koyqo

Last but not the least remember the official hashtag for Apertweat is #aptw.

Looking forward to see you all 🙂 Buon Appetito !